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We are so pleased to see you here at AeC!

Our experience goes beyond the boundaries of customer care and enables us to create real value generation and to forge new paths for our community.

Here you will find a lot of Technology and Human Warmth, Innovation and People.

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About AeC

Our 31 years of operation have led us to become the largest customer relationship company in Brazil.

We offer customized projects and consulting for customer care and technology, finding the best solution for every kind of business.


AeC Juazeiro do Norte

AeC Juazeiro do Norte
Rua Interventor Francisco Erivanio Cruz, 60 | Centro | Juazeiro do Norte / CE | 63.010-015

AeC Mossoró

AeC Mossoró
Av. Cunha da Mota, 501 | Centro | Mossoró / RN | Cep 59.600-160​​​​​​​

AeC Campina Grande

AeC Campina Grande
Av. Almirante Barroso, nº 2153 | Cruzeiro | Campina Grande / PB | Cep 58.417-310

AeC João Pessoa

AeC João Pessoa
Rua Hilton Souto Maior, s/n | José Américo de Almeida | João Pessoa / PB | Cep 58.073-010​

AeC Arapiraca

AeC Arapiraca
Rua Jose Jailson Nunes, S/N | Santa Edwiges | Arapiraca / AL | 57.310-255

AeC Montes Claros

Av. Donato Quintino, nº 90 – Loja: E – 201 - Piso Nível 94 - Montes Claros Shopping | Cidade Nova | Montes Claros / MG | Cep 39.400-546
Rua Hércules Vieira Silva, nº 400 | Regina Peres | Montes Claros / MG | Cep 39.402-007​

AeC Governador Valadares

Rua Sá Carvalho, 73 | Centro | Governador Valadares / MG | Cep 35.010-240

AeC Belo Horizonte

Rua Sapucaí, 429, Bairro Floresta Belo Horizonte/MG, Cep 30.150-050
Rua Bonfim, nº 280 | Bonfim | Belo Horizonte / MG | Cep 31.210-150
Espírito Santo I
Rua Espírito Santo, nº 871 - 2º, 3º, 4º e 5º andares | Centro | Belo Horizonte / MG | Cep 30.160-03
Espírito Santo III
Rua Espírito Santo, 467 | Centro | Belo Horizonte / MG | Cep 30.160-030

AeC Rio de Janeiro

AeC Rio de Janeiro
Rua Dom Marcos Barbosa , número 2 - 3º Andar - Torre A - Bairro Cidade Nova | Rio de Janeiro / RJ | Cep. 20211-178

AeC Campinas

Unidade Campinas
Rua Azarias de Melo, 744, Bairro: Taquaral, Campinas/SP, Cep: 13.076-008

AeC São Paulo

Rochaverá Corporate Towers
Av. das Nações Unidas, 14.171, Torre C- Crystal Tower| Vila Gertrudes | São Paulo/ SP | Cep. 04794-000
Silvio Romero Plaza Shopping
Rua Cantagalo, 74 - Tatuapé | São Paulo/ SP | Cep.03323-040
Rua Henrique Shaumann, 566, 2º, 3º e 4º andares, Bairro Pinheiros São Paulo – SP – CEP 05.413-010
Vila Mariana
Rua Domingos de Morais, 2742 | Vila Mariana | São Paulo/ SP | Cep. 04036-100
Edifício Paramount
Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1901, bloco A - Chácara Santo Antônio | São Paulo /SP | Cep. 04717-004-004
Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1901, bloco B - Chácara Santo Antônio | São Paulo /SP | Cep. 04717-004

A few achievements

  • Época 360
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Whow!
  • Reclame Aqui
  • Conarec
  • Best Perfomance
  • Smart Costumer
  • Anuário Telecom
  • GPTW
  • ABT
  • Cliente SA
  • AT Top 100

The AeC Journey of Experience

AeC develops solutions to optimize processes, always taking into consideration the peculiarities inherent in every company’s routine. We propose improvements that reach the internal audience and the end customers to provide a unique and efficient experience.

All we do is based on data analysis and real, human experiences.

The AeC Journey of Experience is anchored on three pillars that combine technology and human warmth:

Employee Experience

Programs and tools to facilitate the employee’s journey, with an eye on the internal audience as a starting point. After all, people who are more engaged and happier are more efficient!

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Customer Experience

With data intelligence, we improve the customer's journey and are able to foresee business opportunities to improve service efficiency.

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Digital Transformation

Projects for ongoing improvement aimed at developing a digital journey that culminates in greater efficiency in operations and better solutions for customers.

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Our Know-how

Knowledge in multiple sectors with services and products tailored to meet the peculiarities of every type of customer.


We know that selling is one of the main activities of any business regardless of its niche or size. It is also what defines a company’s market permanence and it is a direct generator of profitability for any organization. And that is why AeC works by combining two businesses: VALUE OFFER It is necessarily the product […]

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Customer care

Regardless of the businessmodel, we are prepared to generate value! 100+ customers 17 units +43k collaborators 7x best service company in the country* * According to Época Negócios 360º We partner with our customers on their journey of digital transformation MULTICHANNEL SOLUTIONS • SCREEN AUTOMATION • BOTS • VIRTUAL AGENTS • CUSTOMER JOURNEY DISRUPTION Our […]

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Business Pillars STREAMLINED PROCESSES Workflow and more effective user journey CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Partner of the biggest technology companies on the planet. Automation (RPA/API/Multichannel) SPECIALIZED PEOPLE Specialized human capital, according to every business vertical Technology Use of state-of-the-art technology to offer high-performance services, such as automation and RPA along with artificial intelligence such as machine learning […]

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Expertise in our customers +1800 employees workingin retention operations +10 great companies we serve with prideand always serving their customers Customer Care Model OUTBOUND Strategies Mailing ManagementKPI ManagementQuality ManagementStrategic PlanningSpeech Analytics*Automation INBOUND Strategies KPI ManagementQuality ManagementStrategic PlanningSpeech Analytics*Automation WhatsApp Retention What is it? RETENTION services provided through WhatsApp for a differentiated customer care journey, avoiding […]

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Expert Collection Our base of activation channels The challenges of a customer relationship center are very clear to AeC. After all, we have more than 30 years of experience in the sector, 11 of which in the Billing sector, and we are always reinventing ourselves in order to find the best user journey for our […]

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Intelligence working for you

Every product and service is designed to further our partners and satisfy our clients’ needs.

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